Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spotted Fail Stripes

OPI Sparrow Me The Drama, OPI Green-wich Village, China Glaze First Mate, Orly Liquid Vinyl

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, nail art is an epic failure. This manicure was originally going to be a "spotted" mani based off Chelsea's great looking tutorial. I painted my base colours, blobbed on the extra colours on the nails I was going to add the spots to and filled my nail art cup with water to get spotting. That's when the failure began. Chelsea suggests using body spray to create the spots but I didn't have any. I figured any kind of spray should do the job but I was wrong. I tried anti-static spray, environmentally friendly shower cleaner, a water/detergent solution we use to keep the bugs off our herbs, perfume and even acetone. Basically anything in the apartment that sprayed in a mist was sprayed on the nail polish. Those little cute spots just would not appear. 

My sad best attempt.

After a lot of Liquid Vinyl ended up on the end of an orange stick I decided to save this look for another day when I've obtained some body spray and just add some black stripes to my accent nails. I'm actually quite pleased with how they turned out so I guess the fail was a good thing in the end.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Nails

OPI Skull & Glossbones, OPI Dutch Tulips, OPI Charged Up Cherry

Oh, Valentine's Day. What a good excuse to paint hearts on your nails. I've never done a Valentines mani before, but after seeing them all week I guess I was inspired. Whitney from Dressed Up Nails has been featuring lots of perfectly painted hearts recently. I'm definitely going to follow her advice next time and paint a small v shape and then round it out with a nail art brush. I painted these hearts by dotting two small dots next to each other then adding the pointy base of the heart with a striper. After trying it this way I think Whitney may be on to something. Hearts are way tricker that you'd think (or at least painting them this way is way tricker than you'd think)!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Glitter Mania

Sally Hansen Celeb City, OPI Sparrow Me The Drama, Born Pretty Store Glitter

So. Much. Glitter! I finally bit the bullet and ordered some loose glitter from Born Pretty Store. I blame Sammy and her fabulous "glequin" manis. I'm going to borrow Sammy's fabulous name for these things - glequins, because I'm pretty the nail polish world has embraced the word so much that it's now what they're officially known as!

If you hadn't already realised from my previous manis, I am an extreme lover of glitter. I have multiple pairs of glitter shoes (and a pair that's covered in sequins!) that I wear on a daily basis and random tubs of glitter floating around my room. It's not unusual for me to arrive to work and be told there's a piece of glitter stuck to my face. After playing around with my new glittery tubs of fun I settled on this insane glitter Barbie manicure. Hopefully my next glitter explosion will be a little more classy and subtle, if that's even possible. 

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