Glitter Mania

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So. Much. Glitter! I finally bit the bullet and ordered some loose glitter from Born Pretty Store. I blame Sammy and her fabulous "glequin" manis. I'm going to borrow Sammy's fabulous name for these things - glequins, because I'm pretty the nail polish world has embraced the word so much that it's now what they're officially known as!

If you hadn't already realised from my previous manis, I am an extreme lover of glitter. I have multiple pairs of glitter shoes (and a pair that's covered in sequins!) that I wear on a daily basis and random tubs of glitter floating around my room. It's not unusual for me to arrive to work and be told there's a piece of glitter stuck to my face. After playing around with my new glittery tubs of fun I settled on this insane glitter Barbie manicure. Hopefully my next glitter explosion will be a little more classy and subtle, if that's even possible. 

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