Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm back! And Ikea scissors have changed my nail life!

Orly Fowl Play, Orly Glitz, Ozotic 513

Hello everyone! Sorry I've not been around for the past little while, it's the usual hectic life excuse. My housemate and I moved house (not so conveniently timed to occur at the same time as our insane period at work) and my poor nails were not given the attention they deserved and I didn't want to put them out in the internet world when they weren't looking their best. And, to top things off I ran out of top coat. It was a disaster. 

I had to become the queen of the 5+ day manicure, but now, most of the boxes are unpacked so I can paint my nails whenever I want!  

During this little hiatus of sorts, on one of my trips to Ikea, I spontaneously bought a pair of pinking shears. Quite some time ago I saw this post on how to make your own "nail sticker" type things. I bought a cheap set of fancy scissors off eBay and eagerly tried the tutorial. It was quite the fail. The scissors weren't sharp enough to cut cleanly through the nail polish and paper so I gave up after only one mildly successful manicure.

Sharper scissors were the key, but dressmaking pinking shears are around $30, and really, did I need to pay $30 just to have some cool zigzags on my nails a few times? No, I did not.

Until I saw them at Ikea for $10! I've been in chevron heaven ever since! 

March 16 March 21 March 27 April 12

(On another note, can you believe that these are the only nail art type manis I've had in the past month. Sadly, they were only captured on the iPhone, not the real camera.)


  1. Love the mani and I realize that I have to go to IKEA right away. I have tried with so many different sissors but failed everytime. Maybe it will get better now :)

    1. Sharp scissors definitely seem to be the key. Which is a bit sad because the ones I bought from eBay have great patterns!

  2. Awwwhh this is so so so so soooo awesome :D

  3. These nails are really amazing and cute

  4. I really love your blog and your nails!

    I following you, if you want follow me, please...


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