Watercolour Nails

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While I'm rocking the gel mani, I wanted to attempt watercolour nails. I saw this on Chalkboard Nails  (and also followed Sarah's link to Rebecca Likes Nails and this video at BeautyGeeks) and really wanted to try it, but one of the necessities with this mani is a base that won't be cleaned off with nail polish remover, so you either need a super thick top coat, or a gel or shellac mani. I had tried it once with just a top coat and I failed miserably. 

This time however, it was a bit more successful! Everyone else uses acetone to do the watercolour, but I used non-acetone remover, because I was slightly worried about ruining the gel. It still seemed to work how it was meant to. Since my gel mani is just kicking butt at looking perfect and not chipping, I figure I should keep it on a bit longer so I'm going to do this again! Probably in greens and purples. 

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