Monday, July 16, 2012

The Lucy Appreciation Post, featuring Chanel Frenzy

Chanel Frenzy, Deborah Lippmann I Know What Boys Like, Orly Glitz

My housemate Lucy, who will now be known as the Provider of Fancy Polish was in New York this month, and while she was there she did a bit of nail polish shopping for me. She left Sydney with a modest little list of makeup and just two nail polishes to buy in the US for me (the difference in recommended retails between the US and Australia is just ridiculous). Deborah Lippmann polishes have no stockists in Australia sadly. I desperately wanted Glitter in the Air and Bad Romance and initially managed to restrain myself and only ask her to get those two. But, you all know how it is... I added I Know What Boys Like to the list, because really, I've never come across a blue like it, so I may as well get it! 

Aren't they just lovely. 

Then, a magical thing happened. Lucy was in Barney's buying my precious Lippmanns and mentioned to the lady serving her how they were for me, and how we can't get DL in Australia and the amazing Barney's lady told Lucy that she could pick one of three old DLs that she had floating around to keep for free (Constant Craving, Purple Rain and Brown Eyed Girl). While Lucy was pondering which colour I'd appreciate most, the lady suddenly put all three in her bag and said just to have them all!!! What a lovely lady! And that is the story of how I went from being completely Lippmann-less to being the proud owner of SIX of them!!!  

And the polish goodness continues! Lucy also bought me and our other housemate Anna a Chanel each!! I got Frenzy and Anna got Vertigo. 

After a day of straight up Frenzy I jazzed it up with some Lippmann dots and stripes and some Orly Glitz for added goodness. 


  1. Woah, wish I had friends like yours! Lucy sounds like a great housemate, I'm very jealous :)

  2. i love that taupe base polish on you! and WOW, that's so awesome how that lady just gave you all those DL's!!

  3. Can you not get them from Amazon? They usually do shipping and they have loads of colours. They look fantastic!


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