Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Neon and Grey Nails

China Glaze Concrete Catwalk, OPI Alpine Snow, Ulta3 Citrus

Lately it seems that neon yellow is just everywhere! While it's not a colour I'd usually be able to pull off with clothes (apart from the reflective high vis vest I wear while riding my bike home from work, which I totally rock), I love neon nails. I was feeling a bit boring a few days ago and did a regular mani with China Glaze Concrete Catwalk (which, along with CG Recycle are my two all time favourite greys!). Last night I thought i'd neon it up a tad! 

I also tried 'saran wrap' nails, or 'glad wrap' as we Aussies call it (if we're going for the brand name stuff!) on this manicure. I had been a little bit confused about this kind of mani, but after seeing a tutorial for it on Criminal Nails, it all made sense! For some reason when I'd seen photos, I thought you had to use the cling wrap to dab on the nail polish, not use it to take the nail polish off! Silly me. Anyway, once I figured that all out I just had to try it! Those nails were a little too tennis-bally on their own, so I added some dots. I can't wait to try it with different colour combinations!


  1. Hey! I'm so glad that my tutorial was helpful :D This mani is really eye catching, and I love how you always combine different patterns!
    I've noticed that the saran wrap mani does not work as well as it should on some finishes, and neon can fall into this category. Cremes work perfect though! I'll pop by to see what you come up with!

  2. WONDERFUL NAILS!!! We love neon, and we love greys much more than black, sometimes it`s almost the same effect but more elegant.


  3. ooooo... I really like the patterns. It's inspired me to give it a try, thanks!
    Emily <3

  4. Hi! Would you mind if we featured this pic on our blog? You can see to see some examples. We credit all pics and would love to include it in a blog about Neons & Neutrals, coming out this week.

    Team Topcoat


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