Monday, August 13, 2012

New Skirt Nails (again!)

China Glaze Below Deck, China Glaze First Mate, OPI Don't Touch My Tutu, OPI Jade Is The New Black

These nails kind of matched the new skirt that I wore to work today. Well, the general colours did. I scrounged the interwebs trying to find a photo of it to pop on here but I sadly couldn't (it's green with white apples and the stems are purple and navy, just in case you were wondering). 

I'm really loving using weird nails for my accent nails. I can't remember the last time I did the 'traditional' ring finger/thumb combo on both hands! 


  1. Your manis are always so cute ^^ This one does not disappoint, of course! :D

  2. interesting colour combination...but it works! love it!

  3. Adorable as always!! I'm a total n00b to nail art, where do you get your dotting tools and nail tape?? I'm a fellow Sydney-ite if that helps...

    1. My dotter is a craft embossing thing that I got from Spotlight. Basically anything that has a ball end can be used to make dots! I got the tape from eBay.

  4. I love this, its so cute! I don't know why I haven't ever stumbled across your blog before but it's really nice!

  5. Wow, great job. I'd make a complete mess if I attempted this, nice post :)

  6. Such a cute design hahha, I really like that dark navy blue!

  7. Hey it looks really adorable. I luv the colors! May i ask you a question? What is the font of your own logo 'little nails'? Its also so cute:)

  8. I really really love your designs. I might attempt a couple of them . (:


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