Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 1 - Red

Essie Silken Cord, OPI Alpine Snow

Well, I'm jumping on the 31 day nail art challenge bandwagon! Only my wagon started late and is a lot slower than everyone else's. So often have no idea what to paint on my nails so this challenge seems to be the perfect thing to give me a bit of nail direction! 

Day 1 is red, which suited me perfectly, because I bought a dress on the weekend that has red and white stripes so I decided I'd match when I wore it to work.

Fair warning to you all... judging by what I've done these first few days (yes I'm a little ahead!), I won't be posting every day, I may paint my nails out of order (but I'll try to post them in the challenge order) and sometimes I may take the theme for the day as a gentle suggestion rather than a direct order (which you'll see when we get to day 3, the infamous yellow day). 

P.S. I just would like to say thank you to Essie for giving your mini polishes regular sized brushes.  OPI you should take note (and make your mini bottles bigger too!).


  1. I love themmmm!!! Red is amazing ^.^

  2. Love this design, looking forward to seeing your others. I was worried I was way behind for the 31 day challenge but you've persuaded me maybe I can start late too lol :)


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