Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 4 - Green

Essence You Belong To Me, China Glaze Aquadelic, OPI Fly, Milani Gold

Day 4 was green, and I was originally going to try and do some kind of leaf themed elaborate mani. I had planned to add more lines (little tiny perpendicular ones between these lines, like the veins on a leaf) but when I got to this point I liked it so I stopped. I did however add some glitter from Milani Gold to the corners for a bit of fun!


  1. beautiful, perfect!

  2. que manicura más original y delicada!


  3. I love the color scheme of these! The little bits of glitter were the perfect addition.

  4. Hello !!

    It's not a first time I come to your blog. And I forgot each time to say how much I looooooove your blog !!!
    Your idea of nail art are completely amazing :)
    I pin everything each time (also, I prefer completely short little nails as yours).

    That's it :)


  5. This looks great. I love green and I love your use of glitter. Great mani xx

  6. I put your blog in my favorite! this is amazing! i love your blog!


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