Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Glittery Jelly Goodness

Glittery Jelly Manicure - little nails

OPI Dating A Royal, OPI Rainbow Connection, OPI Houston We Have A Purple

Lately I have been a little bit uninspired (coughlazycough) when it comes to nail art and doing manicures I've seen online, or tutorials I've come across, and even just having plain ol' regularly painted nails using only one colour (the horror!). In my defence, there has been so much epic nail art around lately that I just haven't needed to think about what to do on my nails, because I've always seen something amazing that I want to try. 

This manicure was inspired by the AMAZING glitter jelly mani by Eugenia from Ommorphia Beauty Bar which was a guest post over at Fashion Polish. After seeing so many pastel pale pretty glitter jelly sandwich combinations I was amazed by Eugenia's version of it. One of the few jelly polishes I own is a lovely purple colour, so of course I had to try out a similar manicure! 

I definitely recommend checking hers out, she does the tricky glitter at the cuticle end glitter gradient and she even mattified the whole thing, which is just great! 

Perhaps I should try one of those challenge things, so I have a nice tidy nail art to do list for when I can't think of stuff to do!

P.S. My nail polish ban is over!!! Am going to try and keep it under control, but there may already be a package of 9 polishes on its way to me...oops (C'mon, I can't not have any Hunger Games nail polishes, or miss out on the Prismatic glitters, or the New York Ballet glitter. Plus, they're not all for me, a few are for my housemate!)


  1. Very stunning Jelly! love it, i'm totally doing this today!

  2. Wow love this jelly sandwich! The sparkle really gives it that extra effect and makes it look very yummy!

  3. I'm getting major polish inspiration right now!

  4. I can't believe how your whole blogspot is amazing. Sooo much inspiration :D Just what I needed before doing my nails !
    Thank youuu:)


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