Thursday, April 26, 2012

Silver Chevrons

Essie Marshmallow, China Glaze Devotion, Bundle Monster BM-201

I'd been thinking about getting Essie Marshmallow for quite some time. I'd read a lot about it, good reviews and bad reviews about it, how it was a lovely colour, but could be quite troublesome to apply.  I'd read some reviews that all it needed was a bit of thinner and a bit of patience and it was all good. I finally gave in and bought it. 

Why didn't I listen to everyone when they said Marshmallow was the ultimate problem child of white/pale jelly nail polishes??? My experience was the usual Marshmallow disaster - a super streaky, too many coats, thick, disaster. This mani had something ridiculous, like 4 or 5 coats. I wish I'd gone with the new OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! which according to Jen from The PolishAholic reminds her of Marshmallow but is much more user friendly. Why didn't I trust you Jen? 

Marshmallow ended up looking more stark white than I wanted, so I decided to stamp over. And that is the whole sad story of this manicure.


  1. These looks amazing! You always make me feel WOW, how do you make all these gorgeous nails!?
    Btw, congrats! I have awarded you the
    One Lovely Blog Award


  2. For all the trouble that you had with the polish, it came out looking beautiful. I ogle all of your designs continually. They are just so darn fabulous, and as a person who loves having short nails, it's nice to find inspiration that doesn't require ridiculously long nails.

  3. how did you get the chevron look?

    1. It was with a Bundle Monster stamping plate.


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