Monday, June 4, 2012

Gold & Green Chevrons & Spots

Barry M Gold, BYS Striper Aqua Blue

While I was interneting the other day I came across this iPhone cover -
I really want it (may even pop into the Apple store next time I'm there and see if they have it!) and I loved the colour combination. I have a aqua-ish greeny striper that I've never used so I decided to do some serious striping and replicate the always popular chevron/zig zag pattern. 

I did get slightly lazy part of the way through so I did a couple of dotty accent nails. Next time I tackle a chevron pattern I'm going to attempt all my nails! And sorry about the tip wear, it's been hideously rainy and dark in Sydney the past few days and there was no light so these photos were taken on day 2.


  1. I'm glad you felt lazy, the combo of the chevrons and the dots is amazing ;) And yup, the colors look amazing together! I tried a half moon with similar colors last week (I think) and just loved it!

  2. This is fabulous! I love the color combination!

  3. I love it! The aqua looks so cool over the gold!

  4. Gorgeous I'm definetly going to,try it :)

  5. What brush do you use to do your designs??

    1. For this mani I used this nail art striper polish. But a lot of the time I use a small brush. Chalkboard Nails has a great post about brushes here here. The brush I use the most is pretty much the same as the one Sarah uses 95% of the time. Mine is actually a paint brush that I bought from a local craft store.


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