Ulta3 Enchanted Magnetic

Ulta3 Enchanted

OMG! A magnetic nail polish, a whole stand of them! In Sydney! In front of me for only $5! What's happening? Ulta3 has a magnetic nail polish collection! I need to stop using exclamation marks! 

Anyway, back to the surprise of my Saturday. I didn't know that Ulta3 was releasing a magnetic collection, but I sure am glad they did. I hadn't given into the magnetic nail polish trend yet, mainly because I thought there were other nail polishes that I'd rather have than magnetic ones. I wasn't sure if I liked the look enough to get any. And the fact that I'd never seen a bottle in real life and would have to surely order them from overseas was a bit of a put off. 

Then, miraculously on Saturday as I popped into a chemist on Pitt Street in Sydney (mainly to do my usual check of anywhere that sells Revlon for the still elusive Whimsical, a girl can check can't she?) I saw a little stand of Ulta3 polishes and lo and behold, they were magnetic. And at only $5 each, I couldn't resist! Remember US ladies, you lucky lassies, for a bit of perspective, while your OPI r.r.p may be $9, ours is $19.95, which converts at this very second according to XE, to US$20.12, so $5 is quite the bargain, even for a "drug store" brand! I bought 3, but later gave one to a friend, who has also been obsessing about magnetic polishes.

The whole magnetic thing takes a bit of getting used to. I ditched the Ulta3 magnet straight away, because on my nails I only got 1 or 2 lines and grabbed every kind of magnet off our fridge and went for it! My favourite magnet ended up being one of those thin rectangular ones (it was actually like a business card for the people who fixed our stove).

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