Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lush Lacquer - Salt n Peppa

OPI Moon Over Mumbai, Lush Lacquer Salt n Peppa

A while ago, I succumbed to the handmade polish insanity and bought my first "indies". Etsy seemed to be the place to start, and after coming across a few nail polish stores that were closed for various reasons I happened upon Lush Lacquer. Glitter heaven! I promptly made an Etsy account and went shopping!

This is actually the third time I've worn Lush Lacquer's fabulous Salt n Peppa, but the first time I've photographed it. It always seems to be raining and dreary when I wear this polish (I put it on to cheer up my nails!) with no good photo takin' light to be seen! Today was no exception and I ended up taking the photo with the flash, which I usually try to avoid at all costs.

After a day of Moon Over Mumbai (oh, I am in light grey love), I couldn't be bothered to take the manicure off completely, but I was up for a bit of a change, so I kept with the monochromatic theme and added Salt n Peppa. It's just an all round awesome polish. The black and white glitter is fab, and on top of that there's opalescent glitter in there too (think China Glaze Snow Globe but smaller). It's the kind of polish that looks great over absolutely everything. 

When I bought Salt n Peppa, I also got Party Rockin and Birthday Cake, which are also fabulous. Now I have my eye on Lite Brite and Mr Bubble. You can buy Lush Lacquers through their Etsy store


  1. They look so cute! The fine glitter definitely adds to it.
    I have been eyeing Lush Lacquer too! Don't know if I should get minis or full sized bottles :\

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