Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Black Glitter Franken

Black Glitter Franken

After googling Butter London Black Knight about a million times I decided to try and franken up something similar. I had a bit of clear and black polish left over from when I created my My Private Jet concoction so I thought I'd add a bit of Ulta3 Confetti to it and see how it went. Confetti is mainly purple and green glitter, with a bit of blue and gold glitter in a clear base. Then I thought, why not add more glitter? I can't exactly remember what I added, but I think there's a bit of OPI Simmer and Shimmer, OPI Glow Up Already, Extra-Va-Vaganza and Sally Hansen Celeb City in there. Perhaps even some Amour Rain Glitter too! 

From far away it just looks like an odd black nail polish, but up close you can see all the different glitter.

So much glitter!!!


  1. That is gorgeous! Greatjob! I love the amount of purple glitter in there


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