Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My "My Private Jet" Franken

My "My Private Jet" Franken

The original OPI My Private Jet has become a sort of holy grail of nail polish. I have what I think is considered to be the crappiest version of MPJ, the charcoaley brown version with silvery flecks and not much holo goodness, but I still really love it! It reminds me of like really good potting mix, packed full of nutrients. Having said that, I've always wanted a polish like the original 'good' MPJ with its amazing holo goodness. But where would I get it???

Enter Cathy, the Queen of Holo and fellow Aussie, who has one of my favourite nail blogs, More Nail Polish. I bought some Spectraflair and colour morphing powders from her and they are awesome! When we were emailing I asked if she'd tried adding Spectraflair to a non-awesome MPJ to convert it to an awesome MPJ. She gave me a handy little recipe for frankening up a similar looking polish and I love it! Thanks Cathy!


  1. I need this!! 8^D Where can I find/make it?

  2. what recipe did you use to make that? Would you mind sharing it? I just bought some spectraflair too, but don't know how to use it to try to make my own MPJ too.

    1. I'm sure Cathy won't mind me sharing... It was half black nail polish, half clear and then Spectraflair added. I can't remember how much I used, but I guess you can just keep adding until you like the amount of holo.


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