Monday, December 5, 2011

Strawberry Stripes

China Glaze Strawberry Fields, BYS Black Nail Striper

In an attempt to do something fabulously bright and summery to celebrate the beginning of summer I ended up with this on my nails. And I reckon it's awesome! I used China Glaze Strawberry Fields, which I got a few weeks ago, but hadn't actually used yet for a full mani. It may just be my favourite pink from my growing collection of nail polish. During my hunt for a 'summery' colour I realised I don't actually have many pinks, reds or purples. I do have about a million 'almost black' polishes though. I think dark colours always look great on shorter nails.

As always, I just can't cope with plain ol' painted nails. I need some glitter, or some shatter, or something awesome, so I jazzed it up with some cool stripes after seeing an awesome mani on a random beauty website, which featured photos from Nail It. You can see Nail It's original post here. It's really simple, just lines, and great for if you're practising using a nail art brush or a striper.

P.S. Since this photo was taken I've cut my nails. This length is the absolute longest I can get my nails to without them driving me crazy or breaking. Prepare yourselves for my little short nails next post. 

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