Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello Chi Chi, you look familiar...

I was in Myer yesterday, perusing the beauty area when this little Chi Chi polish caught my eye. A flakie! For only $12.95! And 30% off! Right in my hot little hand! How could I say no? In the shop I had a great suspicion that Chi Chi Crystal Top Coat was a dupe for piCture pOlish Festival. I still bought it, because well, who can say no to multi coloured flakies?  

Both piCture pOlish and Chi Chi are Australian brands, both bottles are labeled "Made in Australia"and I'm wondering if both these polishes actually came from the same big vat of nail polish in whatever factory they're made in. Both polishes are pretty much the same price, $11.90 for Festival from the piCture pOlish website, and $12.95 for Crystal Top Coat from stores that stock Chi Chi. Apart from the different lids, it seems like these are the exact same thing. Not that I'm complaining. It's always good to have spare flakies!

Now... onto the swatch!

Which one do you think is which? They're pretty much the same aren't they!

So this was two coats of both Chi Chi Crystal Top Coat and piCture pOlish Festival and as you can see they're pretty much the exact same. I'm not sure how easy it is to get Chi Chi outside of Australia, but for us Aussie girls, if you don't live near a Myer or a Target (who also stock Chi Chi, but when I checked didn't have it) you can get Festival online, and if you don't like buying online you can get Crystal Top Coat in store! 

Flakies for everyone!!! Hooray!!! 


  1. Hmmmmm...interesting! I love dupes!

  2. Wow! Well spotted! Need to check this out...I cannot tell any difference :)

  3. Love this topcoat, it's so pretty! I wonder if I can get anything similar in the UK x

    1. i've been researching these i know sally hansen had one called forbidden treasure? or something like that. might be discountinued though. nubar 2010 is another one. also the brand finger paints special effects - they have different coloured flecks etc. the one with most range so far.

      - blog owner : thank you so much for these! i;ve been trying to find flakie nail polish in australia but failed lately. Love this blog and will b an avid follower. love the pictures!


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