Off With Her Red!

OPI Off With Her Red

Today I was a bit boring when it came to my mani. A friend commented last week that I never wore classic red nail polish, and it's true. I rarely do. I barely ever even wear pink! So I decided to rock the classic red look for a day, and after a bit of a glitter bomb (which didn't turn out all that great so you won't be seeing it on here) I had a bit of an urge for a simple, traditional, one coloured manicure. By yesterday afternoon I was actually really looking forward to my red nails!

My dilemma with red nails is that I am yet to find my perfect red nail polish. The only true red I own is OPI's Off With Her Red, and I think it might be a little too warm, or a a little too red to be my perfect red. In real life it seems to be quite a lot darker than in this photo. All the other reds I own are really more corals or pinks. 

Can any of my lovely followers recommend good red nail polish? I have olive skin and it seems to be quite tricky! There are just way too many to choose from! At the moment I'm thinking OPI Dutch Tulips or OPI Colour So Hot It Burns. And while we're getting into the nitty gritty, should I get a blue toned red or a yellow toned red?

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