Friday, January 20, 2012

Lady Nicki & Crazy Nicki

Lady Nicki
OPI Skull and Glossbones, OPI Fly, Bundle Monster BM-225

Crazy Nicki
OPI Fly, OPI Ate Berries In The Canaries, Essence Make It Golden

I am a massive green / turquoise / blue kind of girl so Fly from OPI's Nicki Minaj was just calling my name. I kind of thought it might be the same as China Glaze Custom Kicks, one of my favourites, just without the gold bits, but it's different enough that it's clear now that I definitely needed it. At the same time I also got Skull & Glossbones. Now, I was all kinds of obsessed over the Pirates of the Caribbean collection when it came out, but thought that Skull & Glossbones was too boring, so I didn't get it. Big mistake Rosie! Then, over the past few weeks I've been seeing it everywhere on the internet, looking all lovely and neutral, so of course I had to have it! 

Today I present to you: Nicki Minaj, two ways. The first mani is my classy lady Nicki Minaj mani. It kind of looks like wallpaper and I love that! And of course to balance out the classy demure Nicki I had to do a crazy Nicki mani. Bright colours? Check. Out there accent nail? Check. Glitter explosion? Check. 

In other news, today just happens to be my birthday and my awesome housemate Lucy surprised me with a very special nail polish, which I am sure will be featured heavily in Monday's post. I'll give you some hints... it's one of the most talked about polishes of 2011 (in my humble opinion), it changes colour, it is amazing and it comes in a square bottle. I have it on my nails as I type this, and I just can't tear my eyes away from my fingers! Have you guessed it yet????


  1. Happy Birthday! I really want Fly too!

  2. Did you get Chanel Peridot? I eye it up every time I pass the Chanel counter when I'm out. This blog is fantabulous and only inspires me more to go and spend all my money on nail polish lol


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