Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh, Peridot! I'm so glad you're finally mine!

Chanel Peridot

My amazing birthday surprise nail polish was Chanel Peridot. Isn't it gorgeous!!! It was even more amazing in real life. Thanks again to Lucy, the best housemate for buying it for me. Unfortunately, now that I know how amazing Chanel polishes are I may not be able to control myself around them! I always justified not buying them because they were so expensive compared to other good quality nail polishes. I could get one Chanel, which retails for $39 in Australia (US$40.90, yep ladies, 40 bucks!), or I could pay retail for two OPIs, or I could get like, thirteen China Glazes online (not including postage of course)! Why buy one when you can have thirteen? Next time however, now that I know how amazing they are, I may just be tempted!

Peridot was a dream to apply, so smooth and it flowed beautifully! It was everything you want in a nail polish. And it lasted a lot longer than most other polishes. You can see a tiny bit of tip wear, but that was after three days so I think it lasted quite well for me, considering usually when I change my polish after one day the tip wear is just as bad, if not a lot worse!

China Glaze Concrete Catwalk, Chanel Peridot, Bundle Monster BM-203

Even though I should never even think about using a precious polish like Peridot to stamp, I'd seen online somewhere (and of course can't find it anymore) a mani that appeared to use Peridot, or a similar polish as a stamp and it just looked beautiful. Even thought this turned out quite nice, I think from now on I'll keep Peridot on its own, where it looks most beautiful!

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